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International Culinary Center's Italian Study

International Culinary Center

The International Culinary Center prepares future chefs and food industry leaders in a variety of disciplines at its New York and California campuses. One of the International Culinary Center's flagship programs, offered at both campuses is its Italian Culinary Experience, in which students experience on-the-job training and classroom work in Italy.

Students begin the seven-month program with a 10-week preparatory period at either the New York or California campus, where they not only explore traditional Italian dishes and recipes, but begin studying the language. Among other topics, students study Italian wine characteristics and their ideal pairings, cheese and antipasti, stocks and sauces, and a variety of pastas.
In Italy, students work alongside acclaimed chefs at ALMA, The International School of Italian Cuisine. Classroom work and hands-on training is supplemented by visits to factories, vineyards, and regional farms; past destinations for field trips include a truffle museum, a parma ham production plant, and Toscana-based vineyards and olive oil mills. After 20 weeks of training, students enter professional kitchens in Italy as part of a short-term apprenticeship.

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